We are excited to announce our latest and greatest updates! This set of updates took longer than our previous updates because of some significant improvements. This round of updates included new features, complete code rewrites, and vast security, speed, and reliability improvements. Please review all the updates and how they might benefit you and your group. Like always, please do not hesitate to let us know what you love and what you hate :)

Group Name

The group name will be visible at all times to indicate the group you are viewing.

Menu Bar

The top menu has been updated with a new icon that shows all the pages you can access, such as Billing, Reports, etc.

Patient Rounding

Users and groups can now keep track of patients they have rounded on. The rounding feature will automatically reset every day. You may also sort your patients based on this new value. To enable this feature please go to the Patient Template page.

Hidden Patients

Groups can now hide specific patients from specific user groups. This new feature allows groups to manage who can and cannot see particular patients. Hidden patients will be shown as gray boxes with only the first and last letter of the patient's name visible.

Patient Template

The Patient Template page has been redone to be more intuitive and easy to use. We have also introduced a new section called "Title Bar." From the "Title Bar," a user can choose which fields should appear on every patient's title bar and if rounding is enabled for the group.

Patient Titles

The patient "Title Bar" has been updated for a cleaner look. In addition, fields are now limited in length to preserve space and to keep the interface organized. The "Title Bar" can be customized from the Patient Template page.

List Fields

List fields will now include an "Unassigned" value. This change will allow your group to stay consistent with other fields and prevent accidentally choosing the wrong value from a drop-down list.

Patient Count

Patient count is now visible on the Patients page.

Patient Viewing

You can expand and collapse all patients for quick and more effortless viewing.

Patient Sorting

New patients added to your list are now automatically sorted for easier viewing.

Patient Labs

Labs have been redone to be more intuitive and easy to use. Each lab value is color-coded to indicate if it is out of range. Ranges can be customized to fit your specific needs.

Patient Labs Printing

Users can now choose if labs are printed in a fishbone or standard table format.

Patient Tasks

Completed tasks are now hidden to keep the interface clean and organized. However, users can still view completed tasks with a single click.

Patient Billing

Billing items locked by your Billing Admin are now hidden to keep the interface clean and organized. However, users can still view locked billing items with a single click.


Visually see how your group trends in regards to new patients, rounding and discharges.

Patient Images

Groups that use patient images will notice a significant increase in page loading speeds and reduced bandwidth usage.


User reporting now includes patients added, edited, rounded on, and discharged.

Security and Usability

We are constantly making updates that are not visible to the users. These updates focus on improving the user experience while keeping your data secure. While we don't announce these updates, please know that they occur regularly.


Please let us know what you think about these new updates.