We are excited to announce one of our most significant updates so far. Over the past few months, our primary development focus has revolved around user speed and efficiency. Our goal has been to reduce the amount of "Clicks" a user takes to complete a task. Please take your time to look through our exciting new changes and improve your daily workflow.


The print button has been removed from the bottom of the "Patients" page and placed on the top right corner of the page. The button is now an icon for faster access.


The "Archive" button has been moved and renamed to "Discharge". The button is now an icon next to the "Patient Settings" icon for faster access. The "Discharge" icon will still function exactly as the Archive button did before.


A discharged patient can be re-admited by clicking on the "Re-Admit" button at the top of the patient or clicking the "Re-Admit" icon next to the patient settings.


The overall layout of PSO has been updated to take advantage of larger screens and small mobile devices. You will notice that the overall size of the page on a desktop computer is wider, while the overall spacing between elements has been reduced. This allows you to view more patient data while still keeping the clean and straightforward look of PSO. From those changes, we proceeded to add an exciting new feature giving users control of the layout and overall feel of the patient page.


Users can now choose to view patient data in either "Tab" or "Table" view. The "Tab" view shows data one tab at a time while the "Table" view shows all tabs at one time. Users can toggle between the views at any time.


Users can also choose the default visibility of the patient data. "Collapsed" means the patient box is not expanded and the user needs to click on the box to view all the data. "Expanded" means the patient box is already expanded and all data is visible.


Users can now choose to either include or exlcude field titles. Removing field titles allows to you save space when printing or viewing patient data on a small screen.


Notes can now be edited by simply clicking anywhere on the text. Notes can also be edited by clicking the "Pen" icon. Clicking the "Pen" icon allows you to create feature rich notes with different styling such as Bold, Italics, Underlines and Colors.

Default Notes

When setting up your patient template, you can customize default notes that are added automatically to each new patient. These default notes can include feature rich text such as colors and different styling.


Tasks have been updated to take up less space and hiding non essential information. Tasks will also be sorted with un-completed tasks listed first.


Images are now displayed smaller to allow for greater visibility and better organization. (The next update will introduce the ability to re-arrange the order of your images as well as automaticallly assigning dates to each image)


Billing items have been updated to take up less space. Each billing item will be listed by its date sorted newest to oldest.

Billing Admin

The Billing Admin page has been completely redesigned to allow for easier visibility and report generation.


Labs have been updated to take up less space to allow for easier visibility and a cleaner look.


Medications have been updated to take up less space to allow for easier visibility and a cleaner look.

User Groups

User group permissions have been completely redesigned for easier editing.

Security and Usability

We are constantly making updates that are not visible to the users. These updates focus on improving the user experience while keeping your data secure. While we don't announce these updates, please know that they occur regularly.


Please let us know what you think about these new updates.

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