Our most significant update this time around was focused on the ability to belong to multiple groups. Each group has its own unique patient template and list of patients. Patient data is not shared between groups.

Group Name

The group's name will always be visible on the top menu bar.

Group Management

To create, view or manage groups, please go to the Group page in your user settings.

Tags (Users) Field

A new "Tags" field is now available and can be added to your patient template. This new field allows you to select multiple providers at one time.

Adding a Tags (Users) Field

To add a new Tags (Users) field, please go to the Patient Template page in your user settings.

User Field Automatic Selection

Automatic user selection has been disabled and is available as an optional setting. If you wish to restore this feature, you may do so from the Patient Template page and enable "Automatically Fill" for a particular "User" field.

Tags when data is empty

Patients with empty "Tags" fields will now appear on the home page as "Unassigned."

Default Tasks

Tasks can now be automatically assigned to every new patient. Save time by creating default tasks that get assigned every time a new patient is added to your group.

Adjustable Print Columns

When printing, table columns can be adjusted to fit your exact needs. All column changes are automatically saved.

New Lab

A new pre-defined lab, Arterial Blood Gases (ABG), has been added.

Historical Labs

Historical lab data is now easier to read in a structured table format.

Group Notifications

Group notifications are now easier to read and understand with an updated layout.

Security and Usability

We are constantly making updates that are not visible to the users. These updates focus on improving the user experience while keeping your data secure. While we don't announce these updates, please know that they occur regularly.


Please let us know what you think about these new updates.

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