Main Menu

The main menu location and layout has been updated.


View group activity such as patients that have been added, edited and deleted.

Patient Filters

The layout for patient filters has been updated.

Patient Filters Match All

Filters can now be applied using Match All.

When Match All is enabled, all filter values need to match for a patient to be shown.

When Match All is disabled, only 1 filter needs to match for a patient to be shown.

Patient View

The layout of patient data has been updated to allow for 3 columns.

Patient Name

The patient name has been updated to one field.

Timed Tasks

Tasks can now be set to notify a user on a specific time.

Notifications can be set to occur once or repeat hourly.

Note Snippets

Snippets have been updated for better use and consistency.

A new snippet button has been added which is dedicated to adding a new line.

When a snippet is clicked, it will write out the data where the cursor is located.

Archived Patients

Archived patients can now be sorted and filtered just like active patients.

Print Titles

The print page has been updated for better visibility when displaying field values.


The reporting system has been completely re-designed.

You can generate a report of all your patients, user or user group.

Reports Graph

Understand your group and personal patient load with an easy to read graph.

Reports Users and Patients

Data such as patient encounters are logged daily and can be viewed in a spreadsheet.

Billing New Day

When adding a new billing day you have a shortcut to duplicate from the previous day.

Billing Admin

A new user group has been created and dedicated for billing administrative purposes.

To use the new feature, please add the required permissions to a user group of your choosing.

Since this feature is new, we recommend you schedule a demo so that we can answer all your questions.

Billing Admin Patient View

A user that has "Billing Admin" permissions can "Lock" and "Unlock" billing days.

The locking feature can be used to lockout a billing date so that a provider cannot change it.

The lockout feature can be accessed from the "Patients" page as well as from the "Billing" page.

Billing Admin Page

The "Billing" page has been designed for billing review and report creation.

Billing Admin Page Days

Billing data is grouped and organized by date.

A billing admin can review, edit and lockout charges for a specific date.

Billing Admin Page Filters

Billing data can be filtered in a variety of ways.

A billing admin can choose a specific date range, lock status or specific list to filter by.

Billing Admin Download Report

Clicking the "Download" button allows a user to export the data into an Excel spreadsheet.

Billing Report

The report will contain billing data split into different tabs for easier viewing.

The "Statistics" tab will contain average billing days, most common charges and diagnoses.

The "Billing by Date" tab will list all of the billing data based on Date. Each row will represent a billing date.

The "Billing by Diagnoses" tab will list all of the billing data based on a diagnosis. Each row will represent a single diagnosis.

The "Billing by Charges" tab will list all of the billing data based on a charge. Each row will represent a single charge.

Security and Usability

We are constantly making updates that are not visible to the users.

These updates focus on improving the user experience while keeping your data secure.

While we don't announce these updates, please know that they occur regularly.


Please let us know what you think about these new updates.