What are we trying to solve

Every day providers are required to transition patient care from one provider to another and from one shift to the next. This transition, if not accomplished correctly, can lead to medical errors and poor patient care. Our primary goal is to make this transition seamless and straightforward.
Solving the problem

What is Physician Sign Out

Physician Sign Out is a patient hand-off app for providers that is safe, secure, and reliable. Built for academic programs, hospital departments, outpatient teams, and specialty practices. Our application allows clinical teams to ensure continuity of care and enhance patient safety.
What is Physician Sign Out

How does it work

Physician Sign Out is an App that runs on any device with an internet connection. Each provider in your group has access to the patient list through the App. A shared space where everyone can view, edit and hand off patients with ease.
How Physician Sign Out works

HIPAA Compliance

We follow all HIPAA regulations and require a business associate agreement to be signed. As a business associate of covered entities, it is our duty and requirement to follow HIPAA regulations. Our compliance ensures that all patient data is kept safe at all times.
Physician Sign HIPAA compliance

How our data is protected

We follow and exceed encryption standards when protecting our data. All user and patient data is encrypted at all times. Our security is continuously validated by multiple 3rd party companies to ensure high-security standards are maintained.
How Physician Sign Out is protected

Our Team

Our talented team includes physicians and computer experts with real-life experience in patient care and safety. Our combined expertise allows us to create a product that fits the exact needs of physicians and providers. Our staff is located in the heart of Texas in beautiful Austin.
Greetings from Austin Texas

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