Electronic Sign Out is Better for Clinics, Practitioner, and Patients

Research is clear, electronic sign-out is better for clinics, patients, and providers. If your clinic has not fully incorporated electronic sign-out into your clinic’s workflow, you are missing out on several key benefits.

Solving the Patient Hand-Off Problem Should Be Simple. Why is it Still With Us?

Ineffective transitions of care have been a known problem for healthcare providers for a long time. It was once assumed that technology would quickly and finally solve the issue. However, despite a wide variety of different tools, the problem of poor patient hand-off has not gotten better. Why?

Patient Pictures Result in Better Quality Care. Why Aren’t More Clinics Using Them?

We live in a time when both virtually everyone has a high-quality digital camera on them at all times, including doctors and nurses, and electronic medical records are the primary way patient information is accessed.