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Safely manage patient lists and ensure continuity of care during hand-off


HIPAA compliant with peace of mind for your entire team. Our security is tested in-house as well as from a 3rd party to ensure security transparency.


Reduce medical errors with our easy to use interface. An App that focuses on what's important.


Your time is valuable! That is why our app is designed NOT to slow you down.
Eliminate Papers


Everyone is on the same page with secure collaboration for your entire team.
No Limits

No Limits

Use our App anywhere and everywhere with no limits and never worry about your group's technical capabilities.
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Build with the provider in mind, a clean and simple environment that focuses on what's important.

Simple & Clean

Physician Sign Out has been designed with the user in mind to create a simple and clean patient hand-off environment. Sign out and hand-off patients with one click.

Easy Setup

Start using Physician Sign Out immediately with no configurations needed.


Groups are able to customize patient data to suit their needs. Add or remove fields such as patient sex, age, admit date, status, priority and more.


Our simple and clean design is anything but ordinary. Everything running smoothly is a combination of powerful algorithms and user feedback to what is important.

Patient ListsMore

Create fully customizable patient lists for your entire team.


Keep track of patients lists based on provider, hospital, team and anything you can think of.

Each list can be sorted, filtered and printed to get exactly what you need.
Any Devices

Any deviceMore

Available for iPhone and Android. View your patient data on any device, anytime and anywhere.


Physician Sign Out has been designed to work on any device with an internet connection.

Mobile Phones, Tablets, Desktop Computers and Laptops.

Multiple Screenshots
Custom Fields

Custom FieldsMore

Create and customize input fields to fit the exact needs of your group.


One of our best features is being able to add custom fields.

Quickly add/remove fields with our easy to use interface.

Create different input fields that meet your groups patient requirements.

Choose between empty text fields, date fields or drop-down lists with your content.

Fields can have colors, dates, age calculations, sign out selection and more.


Never forget by quickly creating, editing and completing tasks per patient.


Create tasks per patient and easily complete them with one click.

Tasks are grouped by patient and visible to all providers.

Tasks can be created by anyone and completed by anyone.


Easily create fishbone labs to visually keep track of patient labs.


Create fishbone labs with fill in slots that makes data entry simple.

All labs are visually helpful and easy to edit.

Labs include Basic Metabolic Panel, Complete Blood Count, Renal, Liver and Coagulation.


Create, manage and assign teams to patients with multiple providers per team.


Create teams with multiple providers. A provider can be assigned to multiple teams.

When a patient is added, a team can be assigned to that patient for sign out purposes or general grouping.

Teams are highly customizable and providers can be added and removed at any time.


HIPAA compliant messaging between providers that is simple and secure.


Providers can send messages to one another that are HIPAA compliant.

All communications can be audited for compliance and quality control.

Communications are protected and enable a safe environment between users.

Communicate in real time as you would with any standard messaging app.

Tag patients while messaging so providers know exactly what patient the message is about.


Hey, I saw the mri on 535, ok to go home from my perspective!
7/16/2024 6:10:54 AM
Ok sounds good, do they still need their meds?
7/16/2024 6:00:54 AM
I would send them home on half dose 12.5 bid
7/16/2024 5:50:54 AM
7/16/2024 5:40:54 AM
Did you see the Ekg on 454?
7/15/2024 6:10:54 AM
Yes looks like Afib
7/15/2024 6:00:54 AM
Should.we get an echo?
7/15/2024 5:50:54 AM
Yes let's order that and tsh
7/15/2024 5:40:54 AM


Clean and simple printing on all your patient data when you just want your data on a piece of paper.

Patient Data

There are times when you just want to print your list and take it on the go.

This simple yet important feature tends to be overlooked, but not by us.

Easily print patient lists that are organized and easy to read.


Format the printed data to include only what you need.

Add/Remove fields for a print out that includes only the essentials.

Switch from different views to fit as much patient data as possible in a single sheet.


Instead of writing your notes down just speak for easy dictation.


Save valuable time with easy dictation.

Our speech recognition is powerful and able to handle very complicated medical terms.

This feature is available on all devices that have a microphone.


Conveniently add images for your patients in a clean and organized manner.


Upload and save images right from your mobile app or desktop computer.

Attach notes to each image for better clarity and understanding.

Patient Sample Image
Revision History

Revision HistoryMore

View the revision history for any patient data at any time. Who made the changes and when.

Patient Data

View all changes made to a patient's data such as hand-off, notes, location etc.

View changes with visual cues to see what has changed and what has not.

Easily keep track of who, when and what for any given revision.


Keep track of all changes in your data and generate reports. Know what has happened and when.

Know your data

Audit your data for quality improvement, research etc.

Have complete control of your group, what is happening and when.

Your data is stored for as long as your group needs.

Example data

Know when each provider logs in and what pages they visit.

Know what patient data has been modified and by which user.

Keep track of all security by auditing password changes and failed logins.

Be able to see from which locations providers access patient data.

and much more...


Control who can view and edit patient data. Give physicians full control while students only view permissions.


Assign certain users to be Administrators for the entire group.

Control who can edit patient data based on user groups.

Limit users to only view patient data and not edit.

Assign user groups such as Physician, Physician Assistant, Nurse Practitioner, Resident etc.


Understand your group's data by digging in deeper. Create custom reports based on your patient data.

Patient Data

Export and view your patient data in Excel.

View and analyze current patients along with discharged patients.

Be able to view, analyze and sort all stored patient data.

Filter to export only what is needed based on custom fields.


Your patient data is always archived and protected from any disaster. Never worry about your data again.


Your patient data is archived and protected for life or for as long as your group needs.

Every patient information is stored in multiple secure locations.

Never lose patient data again.

Secure Destruction

Patient data can also be securely destroyed if needed.

Our proprietary methods ensure that patient data once deleted can never be recovered.
Patient Collaboration


Free for Residency/Fellowship Programs

Please contact us for more information.

For everyone else, our pricing is super simple!

$160.00/yr (11% savings)
Up To 5 Providers
Unlimited Patients
All Features Included
$480.00/yr (11% savings)
Up To 20 Providers
Unlimited Patients
All Features Included
$1000.00/yr (12% savings)
Unlimited Providers
Unlimited Patients
All Features Included

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