Physician Sign Out is broken down into two important pages, the Home page and the Patients page. A user can always toggle between each page using the links at the top right corner of the page.
The Home page can also be accessed using the logo on the top left corner of the page.
Additional options such as account setting and group activity can be accessed using the icons on the top right corner of the page.

Home Page

The home page is the starting point that gives you a top level overview of all your patient lists. The page is made up of different boxes with each box containing quick links to patient lists. The top box contains a link to all patients and a link to patients where your name is listed. If your name is not listed on any patients, "My Patients" will not be visible. This box cannot be edited.
The rest of the boxes below "All Patients", are optional and custom to the needs of a group. These boxes, depending on which fields and features your group has enabled, will display your patient lists.
Each item within a box will display a value and a number. The value indicates the name of the list and the number indicates how many patients there are within that list. Each item is clickable and will take you to the Patients page where you can view patient data within that list.
You can also add a new patient or seach existing patients.

Patients Page

The layout of the Patients page is similar to the Home page. The Patients page will display patient data based on a selected list/filter.
All the patients within a list will be shown with each patient represented as a box. Each box can be clicked and expand to view all the data within.
Each patient box will display the patient name and optional custom fields. The fields can be customized to represent imporant data that you want to view without expanding a patient.
Colors can also be assigned to individual patients based on selected fields.
When a patient box is clicked, it will expand and reveal all the patient data. The expanded layout/template is unique and custom for every group. The layout is the same for all patients within a group.
Expanded patient data is represented using tabs which are custom to each group.
Patient data is contained within each tab.
Each tab will also have its own options and settings.
Patient data can be edited using multiple methods. Data can be clicked on directly or through the modifier icon for the specifc tab.
Patient list can be printed using the "Print" button at the bottom of the page.