The Groups page can be accessed by clicking on the Profile icon then selecting Account. A group contains a set of Users, Patients and a Patient Template. Data within a group is not shared or accessible from another group. Users can belong to multiple groups at the same time. Groups are billed separately.

Switch Groups

A user can switch between groups by clicking on the Profile icon then selecting "Switch Group".

New Group

When a new group is created, you are automatically the admin of that group. This allows you to edit the patient template as well as invite users into that group.

New Duplicate Group

When a new duplicate group is created, all settings such as the patient template is copied over. This allows you to create multiple groups without having to re-create your patient template.

Edit Group Title

The group title is important because it allows users to know which group they are currently in.

Delete Group

A group can only be deleted if no patient data exists within that specific group. You must delete all patient data before being able to delete a group. If your group contains too many patients to manually delete, please contact us.